Johan Högfeldt CTO and Co-Founder
Odd Raven Studios

Johan Högfeldt

I am the CTO and one of the two founders of Odd Raven Studios – the other being Micke, who is the creative mastermind of the studio. I am a self taught programmer and have programmed since I was around ten years old, and most of my working career has been working in the media industry as a programmer while creating games, apps and web projects in my spare time. The last 3+ years I have been doing games, first part time as a freelancer creating a mobile game called Hammerwatch Coliseum in a collaboration with King (which allowed me to speak at GDC 2016) and a couple of kids games, and the later part as a part of Odd Raven, where we’ve been working on Carly and the Reaperman for about two years, finishing this June.


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