Leo Tsimmer Chairman
VR World Entertainment
VR World NYC

Leo Tsimmer

Leo Tsimmer is the Chairman of VR World Entertainment, an experiential technology company that operates the largest in the US Mixed Reality Destination Center VR World NYC. VR World humanizes AR/VR medium by offering its visitors entertainment that ranges from gaming to music, art and film. Merging culture with cutting edge technology, VR World showcases virtual reality as a powerful storytelling medium turning what would be an isolating experience at home into a highly entertaining and fun-filled time with friends.

A successful real estate investor with intimate understanding of retail and hospitality markets, Leo leads a 70+ team of amazing artists, educators, marketers, guides and tech wizards who are taking VR World to every town USA and beyond. To quote New York Times, “He brings to mind the kind of maverick spirit that once defined the American West.


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