Michael Levine CEO
(HoloGrid: Monster Battle)

Michael Levine

Mike Levine and HappyGiant are the creators of the AR/VR award winning title “HoloGrid: Monster Battle”, made in conjunction with VFX Legend Phil Tippett. HappyGiant’s focus is on Augmented Reality Games, and the company has already brought HoloGrid to over 7 platforms including Android, iOS, Tango, HoloLens, GearVR and is now working on the iOS AR Kit version.

Mike has been working with interactive and digital media for over 20 years. A veteran of LucasArts Entertainment, Mike sat on the Technology Council at Skywalker Ranch, created & ran the Visual FX group at LucasArts, and developed several breakthrough art production techniques on classic LEC games. In 1997, Mike formed Puffin Designs, with ILM veterans, a VFX Software Tools company that was later acquired by Pinnacle. In 2000 Mike formed Pileated Pictures which is a leader in service based work for the Toy & Games Industry.


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